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Make handling your bank account and taxes less complicated through the help of Automate Bookkeeping in Seattle, WA. We offer thorough bookkeeping solutions, which feature bookkeeping and tax prep. Give attention to what is important, like operating your businesses. We’ll take care of the rest.

Those who are in and around Seattle Washington rely on us for our cost-effective CPA services. Both small and medium sized businesses employ us for our bookkeeping, business consulting, and tax planning services. Please reach out to us so we can explore your unique business and support you to achieve your desired financial targets.

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The basis of your company’s financial records is the general ledger. These records constitute the principal “books” of your system. Given that each transaction passes through the general ledger, a problem with your general ledger throws off all of your books. To keep your banking account and taxes up to date, we’ll be sure to vigilantly reconcile your business’s checking account each and every month.

Tax Preparation

If you’d like to have more questions than answers, try preparing your own tax return annually. This is why research conducted recently by the US Government’s General Accounting Office showed that 77% of taxpayers that used an experienced tax preparer believed they benefited from it.


Payroll is usually a time-consuming problem for small businesses. This is due to difficult to understand and difficult to navigate IRS rules. The truth is, payroll functions cost business owners on average approximately 8 hours per month of their time. This can cost the business lots of money when considering the time not spent on business building like marketing and prospecting.

CFO Services

Once a organization grows large enough there comes a point where specialized financial advise is required. Even so, a full time CFO is usually prohibitively costly. $60’000 to $100’000/year plus benefits and bonuses is the typical cost of hiring a full time CFO. Our Part-Time CFO services provide you with professional support at a small fraction of that cost.

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Affrordable Small Business Bookkeeping Service In Seattle Washington

The complexity of payroll laws and regulations and IRS code makes managing payroll exceptionally frustrating for a business owner.

8 hours each month are spent on average for small businesses on payroll functions. That’s Twelve full days per year that could be spent generating revenue, prospecting new business opportunities, enhancing services, or servicing clients.

You don’t want to waste your time with payroll. Why don’t we take care of it for you with our extensive payroll system. You can expect payroll systems that satisfy your business’s needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best-running your business.

How cost-effective is payroll service?

Utilize your employees more efficiently by letting us take care of payroll as well as associated legal details. Your monthly overhead could decrease too because of the decreased need to employ specialized employees.

How much time can I save using payroll services?

Using our payroll service you will have no more data entry, studying changes, investigating new laws, and a lot less headaches. This is due to the elimination of the responsibility involved with maintaining, customizing, and updating your own private payroll system.

Is there a risk in controlling my own payroll?

Get rid of the hazards of calculating and submitting your own payroll taxes by getting specialists do this for you. Payroll regulations are becoming ever more complex and changing continuously. Additionally, it’s important to monitor laws on a local, state, and federal level. A payroll expert spends much more time than you ever could mastering and keeping up on the rules and laws.

I recommend Automate Accountants services to individuals and businesses in my city all the time. Their team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in what they do and are dedicated to client satisfaction. Whether you need help with tax management, bookkeeping or financial planning, Automate Accountants is great!

Johnnie Ortega

Honest and exceptional. Kathy quickly assessed my situation and prepared my 2015 return during our appointment. Excellent pricing for exceptional work. Where else can you get that these days? Highly recommended!

Robert Kiefer

Great for my very specific purpose. Needed notarization of Power of Attorney but my bed-bound relative could not get to location. Greg was willing to travel (a few blocks in heavy rain) and for extra fee notarized POA. I had excellent credentials so it was more easily facilitated.

Alice Holden

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Do you have enough challenges to deal with? Let us handle payroll. Give us a call without delay.

Tax Planning And Preparation

We Work For You, Not The IRS

Tax planning is one thing frequently neglected by businesses. Many people don’t even think about their taxes right up until it’s time to consult with their accountants, but tax planning is an ongoing practice and great tax guidance is a valuable investment. Reviewing your revenue and expenditures every single month and talking to your accountant every 3 months can play a sizable roll in permitting you to capitalize on all of the deductions, credits, and provisions which might be lawfully available to you.

Specialized Tax Software in Seattle

Elite Tax Software

Tax code is so incredibly complicated that there’s almost no strategy to identify all potential issues and reduce the probability of IRS contact without state-of-the-art and costly tax filling software.

Keep your tax money from the Washington government

Keep Your Profit Your Business

Discover how to adjust your payroll withholding to help keep more money every week in your bank account. Otherwise you are presenting the IRS an interest free loan for Sixteen months.

Automate Bookkeeping offering small business bookkeeping service

Decrease Tax Liability

We’ll teach you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for each year. Thousands could be going out the door annually because of incorrect income tax prep and planning.

Your dream accountant! Answered all my questions, made himself available and responded timely to all my requests. Provided me with valuable advice. Will definitely recommend his services.

Travis Davis

Marketing, Cancer Treatment Education

I had a great first experience filing my taxes here. Jim is very professional and accommodating. Highly recommend anyone come here. Definitely coming back next year. Thank you

Karin Hollingsworth

HR, Drug Education

Automate Accountants was extremely helpful in getting my return in. Personal attention and some great advice - all managed effectively through emails, phone, and online tools.

Tylor Bennett

Owner, Digital Drivers

I have been doing my taxes here for a while, owner are really friendly and they will help you with any questions you may have. I highly recommend this place. Very good prices.

Debra Hudspeth

Operations, Best HVAC Guys

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